Where Should You Buy Dog Houses for Extra Large Dogs?

Published: 18th July 2011
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Even though you may realize that your small puppy may one day grow up to be a big dog, it is hard to imagine just how big. That is one reason why so many people end up buying dog houses that are too small for their grown-up dog. So if you are finally in the market for dog houses for extra large dogs, you might be surprised at how hard they are to find.

If you go into your local pet store, you will probably find the same old dog houses, built for a dog of average size, and you might not think that you could find dog houses for extra large dogs, but they do exist.

There are basically two ways that you can go about this - build your own or shop online. Believe it or not, building dog houses for extra large dogs is actually easier than building smaller dog houses because there are fewer intricate corners to deal with and they are simply more stable. You can find a variety of dog house plans online for almost any type of dog house, even the more luxurious ones, houses with more than one "room," those with a kennel attached, and those that have indoor heating and cooling!

However, if you are intent on buying one and not building it, then you will have to choose between plastic or wood. Some people say that plastic dog houses for extra large dogs are better because they stay cooler, but that is not always the case. They do tend to last a very long time and are easy to build, though.

If you are looking at wooden dog houses, then make sure you find ones that are made from high-quality hard wood that will stand up to years' worth of weather. Ideally, they should be built in the same fashion as a regular house, with a regular roof, to protect both the structure of the house and your dog from the weather.

With any dog house that you buy, you should make sure that it has an awning or canopy to protect the entrance from encroaching rain. It should also be placed away from direct sunlight as dog houses tend to get very hot inside in the summer time. Also, because your dog will be lounging on the floor, it is important that you raise the level of the dog house at least an inch above the ground outside. This will help protect them from overheating.

Dog houses for extra large dogs need even more ventilation than normal dog houses and that is why it is also important to have windows. You may think that windows and doors are there just to look cute, but they also provide your dog with the air that he or she needs to breathe. Especially if you will be using the dog house in the summer time, you need to make sure that it is large enough and has proper ventilation for the size of your dog.


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