Why Luggage Tag Wedding Favors Are A Fabulous Idea

Published: 27th September 2011
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It sure can be difficult to find the perfect parting gifts for your wedding guests and attendants. Of course, you could always do the safe and rather mundane gifts that so many other couples offer as parting gifts at their weddings. However, if you are looking for the perfect way to give your guests and attendants a useful, meaningful gift that also has some meaning and individual flair, consider luggage tag wedding favors. There are numerous reasons why these make great wedding gift ideas, and here are just a few:

Style. When you think of luggage tags, you likely think of a rather boring piece of cheap plastic or even plain leather. When you think of luggage tag wedding favors, however, you should think of tags that have a special style and flair to them. You can find these tags in unique shapes like high heeled shoes, airplanes, cruise ships, and more, and they may be beautifully colored leather or even sterling silver, too. They can be engraved on one side with the personal initials of the recipient, and can have a blank window on the other side where the luggage owner's contact information can be found. You can find a style that captures the theme of your wedding with relative ease.

Affordable. When it comes to parting gifts on your wedding day, you likely are trying to find gifts that are affordable yet have some quality and durability to them, too. This is not an easy combination of characteristics to find, but luggage tag wedding favors are the perfect answer. Even superior quality tags can be found under $6 for a single tag, and you often can enjoy discounted pricing for purchasing greater numbers at one time.

Function. There are some gifts that your attendants and guests won't get much use out of at all, and some gifts may get buried away in a back closet because the style doesn't match a person's home décor or some other similar issue. When you give luggage tag wedding favors, however, you will find that these gifts get plenty of use. Everyone travels from time to time on vacations, for business, and more. Some people are regular globetrotters, traveling away from home multiple times each month. These tags can be affixed to a guest's luggage and used over and over again for years on end. This truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

When you review this list of reasons why luggage tag wedding favors are such a great idea, you can clearly see this is an excellent gift choice indeed. When you find a gift that can capture the theme of the wedding or your unique style and combine that with function and affordability, you really cannot go wrong! Take some time today to review the many fabulous options available to you including the wide selection of styles and tag themes that you can choose from. With so many excellent options, you will surely find some great choices that really are just perfect for your own wedding.


Luggage tag wedding favors make an exceleent gift idea for your frequent flyer wedding guests and will provide you with other wedding reception options as well.


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